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USGA Rules with the following exceptions:

Any ball lying in the fairway of the hole being played may be lifted, cleaned and placed within one club length of original position.  No ball lying on the fringe of a green may be moved onto a putting surface using this procedure.  In BUNKERS a ball may be lifted, cleaned, bunker raked and replaced in the ORIGINAL spot.  Any damage on the putting green, including spike marks, may be repaired prior to putting.  It is the responsibility of ALL league members to be sure that these policies are adhered to within your own foursome.   Violations should be reported at once to THE Tournament Administrator and will be immediately addressed by the committee.    

The success of our league is not possible without the golf courses on our schedule.  Please show respect and consideration for the course, staff, and   members.  Loud, abusive, or profane language will not be tolerated during league play.  League members guilty of this will be dismissed.

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